About Us

Our mission at Roll Up Life, Inc., is to become the premier provider and transporter of high-quality cannabis and related products. When You Need Us, We’ll Roll Up. Established to roll with the cannabis industry as it continues to bloom, the Roll Up Life platform will connect the entire cannabis industry from seed to sale.

Meet the Team

Tiyahnn Bryant – Chief Executive Officer

New Jersey native CEO and Founder Tiyahnn Bryant started Roll Up Life in 2018 after noticing a significant gap that needed to be addressed within the cannabis industry. While networking and learning more on how the industry operates, he noticed the lack of Black faces and others with his background represented within the cannabis community. As a result, Tiyahnn began on a voyage that would later become Roll Up Life Inc. It is now the mission of the company to connect the cannabis industry through transportation and delivery to create a seamless cycle that helps products circulate throughout the New Jersey market from seed to sale. Through new partnerships, brand distributions and important relationships, Tiyahnn has made Roll Up Life the only black-owned business of its kind in the entire cannabis industry.

Precious Osagie Erese – Chief Operating Officer

New Jersey native COO Precious Osagie Erese joined the Roll Up Life team in 2020. With an advanced background in digital marketing with a specialization in journalism, social media, branding and increasing consumer engagement, Precious serves as an integral part in the growing of the Roll Up Life Brand and Company. A lifelong friend of Tiyahnn Bryant, she fell in love with Roll Up Life after seeing the passion behind Tiyahnn’s vision as well as his forward thinking agenda that aims to disrupt the cannabis industry by creating a space for people of color to have ownership. It is a well-known fact that cannabis is also a social justice issue that has long affected the African American community. Precious is proud to be a part of Roll Up Life as it looks to be not just a change agent in the cannabis industry, but a force to be reckoned with as a transporter of high-quality cannabis and related products.


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