New Jersey’s First Black-Owned Cannabis Delivery Service Gearing Up for Official Launch in November

EAST ORANGE, New Jersey– Roll Up Life, Inc, New Jersey’s first black-owned cannabis delivery service is preparing for a soft launch on November 12th. With this launch, Roll Up Life will position itself to be the premier same-day cannabis delivery service now that adult recreational use is legal in the state. Roll Up Life currently collaborates with medicinal CBD partners, providing shipping and delivery options to those 21 and older. As the process moves forward, Roll  Up Life is building the infrastructure to accommodate New Jersey’s fast-paced cannabis industry.


Tiyahnn Bryant, the CEO of Roll Up Life recognized what he was missing as a cannabis consumer. Convenience, safety, quality and transportation are key areas the local cannabis industry has fallen short in. “The gaps in the market presented a huge opportunity for me to create something that would be profitable and sustainable, while creating opportunity for people who look just like me,” said Bryant.


Towns that don’t want retail marijuana have been shooting down the idea for months. About 70 municipalities have already said “No,” according to “Many towns have already vowed to block any attempts for retailers to set up shop…But delivery could be a way around that” said Bill Caruso, an attorney at Archer Law. Patients in New Jersey out number the service that they receive. At a 9000 to 1 ratio, patients are undoubtedly left unserved.


Roll Up Life is also a socially conscious brand that recognizes the disparities in cannabis policy when it comes to how black and brown people are impacted. Their business model gives people who traditionally have been disenfranchised, the chance to gain social equity through delivering for Roll Up Life. Their work will be even more proof that the cannabis industry can be profitable, sustainable and a stable means for people to contribute to society in positive ways.


Currently, those who use THC and CBD for medicinal purposes will be able to safely enjoy from the comfort of their home and now that legalization has occurred, those who want to enjoy cannabis recreationally will be able to use Roll Up Life’s same day delivery service as a more convenient option.  Companies that sell THC and CBD products are able to partner and sell their products on, bringing an Amazon – like platform to the New Jersey marketplace. Customers are able to discreetly shop for the products they want and will have access to hundreds of different brands from various locations.


With further funding and licensure, Roll Up Life won’t be just another delivery service, it plans to complete the seed to sale cycle in New Jersey by offering transportation services to cannabis cultivators and manufacturers. Farm owners who need to transport their product to the dispensary in a safe, secure, and cost efficient way will be able to use Roll Up Life’s B2b service offering.


Roll Up Life’s mission is to become the premier provider and transporter of high-quality cannabis and related products. Established to roll with the cannabis industry as it continues to bloom, the Roll Up Life platform will connect the entire cannabis industry from seed to sale.



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